won't you be in nerdfighter hate with me?




this is the single most pretentious thing ive ever seen in my life im gonna vomit

Isn’t that the actor who plays her brother in Divergent?

lol I didn’t think John’s whole DID YOU GUYS NOTICE.  THAT WAS A METAPHOR.  RIGHT THERE.  DID U C WAT I DID THUR??? could get any more annoying.  turns out when shitty actors blurt it out for you: it.  gets.  worse.  

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What is with all the hate? Can you please stop scrutinizing everything that you see? Don't you think there's enough hate in the world? Especially John and Hank Green I mean, they inspire people to be themselves when it's people like you who make us feel bad for being who we are. What did we ever do to you? There's a big difference from not liking the content and downright abolishing everyone and thing that likes them. I'm not saying I hate you, I'm just saying maybe you should cool down the hate

as atheist assholes (myself included) are fond of saying, no one has a right not to be offended.  i’m going to scrutinize their inconsistencies for as long as it’s enjoyable to me or until their smarmy smugness doesn’t irritate me, whichever comes last (hint: the more smug they are, the more i enjoy scrutinizing them).  

as for nerdfighters, these days i feel more pity than hate for them.  i only truly hate adult nerdfighters, with special hate reserved for those who were full fledged adults back in 2007 and still became enamored of them, as opposed to those who have grown up but have yet to grow out of them.  basically, if you’re under 17 i don’t really blame you for nerdfighting, but i do expect you to grow out of it within the next five years.  

Mar 8

If you evade suffering you also evade the chance of joy. Pleasure you may get, or pleasures, but you will not be fulfilled. You will not know what it is to come home.


― Ursula K. Le Guin, The Dispossessed (via edwardspoonhands)

But you know, his brother’s “without pain how can you know joy” being bullshit concept is a totally valid and insightful point.  

ughhhhhh I thought my facebook was safe from the horrors of nerdfighteria.  the girl who posted this is 24 years old for chrissake.  
but the best is the example of a PROFOUND john green quote: okay?  okay.

ughhhhhh I thought my facebook was safe from the horrors of nerdfighteria.  the girl who posted this is 24 years old for chrissake.  

but the best is the example of a PROFOUND john green quote: okay?  okay.

It looks like the Greens are doing a web series called "How to Adult". It seems about as good an idea as having a visually impaired person recreate the Mona Lisa. Especially since an adult should be able to say "You mean, 'How to be an Adult'." Those boys must be stopped.

This may be the most heinous thing they’ve come up with yet.  As a nearly full-fledged adult, this offends me greatly.


oh so drinking and smoking to death is cool and romantic but eating mcdonalds to death is “dangerous” and “stupid” ??? where’s my john green book with a character metaphorically holding a big mac between their lips??? fuck all y’all

Beautiful sentiment here

Feb 4



Lindsey’s back, everybody!


Been there. It sucked.

Feb 4



Click here for more on income inequality from last night’s Daily Show.

The thing about wealth-based statistics on income inequality is that billions of people have negative net worth. So, if you have a dollar, you…by yourself…have more wealth than billions of people. 

Inequality is a HUGE problem, and maybe quoting these inflated stats is good so that we can be more inspired to take action, but misleading statistics gall me no matter what their aim.

Ugh blogging on my phone because the hank rage has reached that point.

How does the fact that “some people have negative net worth” diminish the overwhelming absurdity of the daily show bit. I have negative net worth. Most of my recently? graduated peers have negative net worth. That only makes the first fact extra absurd to us. It’s not like negative net worth is itself an absurd state. If you want an education or if you happen to get sick in America you’re going to have negative net worth. The “normalized” but fucked up state of being in debt for basic human rights doesn’t elicit the same reaction about the statistic about the top 85. I get the feeling hank is trying to equate the two as equally absurd. He acts as if the top 85 having such a ridiculous amount had no bearing on the rest of us.

Basically Ughhhhhhhhhh hank.

This has been a message from my phone.

Feb 1

I like Sherlock a lot. But the fans drive me insane sometimes. Especially supporting inane couples. And when people freak out over spoilers-- hello the books were written in the 1800s?? Ugh.. Any advice when dealing with this stuff? You seem to know a lot. I like your blog

I can’t speak much to Sherlock, as I don’t really watch it, and the only thing that would prompt me to watch it is my undying hate for Stephen Moffat, so I doubt I would be able to appreciate it in spite of the writer like I sometimes manage to do with Who.  

And I don’t know what you’re driving at with “inane couples”, because I know so few characters in the world.  If you mean people slashing Sherlock/Watson, that’s good, but relatively sterile, and I’m more into more obscure, verging on crack, but just one degree away from Dobby/Hagrid pairings, though those certainly have a place.  One of my main concerns with what I’ve gathered from nerdfighter interactions with fandoms is that they tend to toe the cannon line, and steer away from perverted interactions with the fandom.  By which I mean both crack ships, but also just things like finding the main character of your favorite fandom extremely annoying/turd-like (Harry Potter…?), but loving the fuck out of it anyway.  Nerdfighter interaction with fandom in my experience is much more blind worship, not like, well, this is really fun and consuming, but that doesn’t necessarily equate to quality or infallibility.  

I mean people freaking out about spoilers always bothers the hell out of me, so can’t really help you there.  But Moffat’s weak, loose plots rarely have me on the edge of my seat anyway.  

As an aside, one reason why I appreciate my vlogbro hate more than my Moffat hate is it is so much more pure.  It is so easy to hate on Moffat because of our vast political and social differences, as well as his sloppy writing.  Which I guess also goes for John Green too (the sloppy writing), but the hate for vlogbros is more inspired by how politically and socially and fandom-ly SIMILAR we are.  I don’t find the Green brothers problematic, I find them incredibly smug and irritating and their followers uncritical hypocrites who go around yelling shit like, ‘IMAGINE COMPLEXLY’, when they’ve failed to even imagine another way to put that same concept, simply parroting it from their overlords’ mouths.   Pure, unadulterated loathing.

So my advice?  Watch Elementary instead.


(I mean leaving aside that selling more copies of tfios is CLEARLY an indication of a FAILING literary landscape, the arrogance of this man truly knows NO BOUNDS.)

((I’m actually quite relieved because for a while there I thought I was hating Steven Moffat more than my signature hatees.  Thanks for rectifying that, John.))

(((well known fact: you can use someone’s first name only as a way of disrespecting them, though it would be better to refer to them only as ‘turd’, so Thanks for rectifying that, Turd.)))